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Quick Load - About Us

Quick Load s.r.l. was founded in 1997 by people with over twenty years of working experience in the industrial automation industry.

The company is a leading manufacturer of automated robotic systems for the conveyance and handling of mechanical parts used in manufacturing processes.

The efforts of all the management and staff are constantly dedicated to supplying equipment that demonstrates maximum reliability, flexibility and ease of use and offering its customers tailor-made, high-quality solutions.

Thanks to its highly qualified technical staff and know-how acquired over the years, Quick Load provides:

  • technical advice;
  • design and manufacture of custom-made automated equipment;
  • technical and IT support;
  • planned maintenance contracts;
  • retrofitting to existing installations.

Particular attention is paid to compliance with EU manufacturing regulations, certification of equipment and the production of operating and maintenance manuals.

Combining research and development, design, manufacturing and testing, all at a single location, enables us to achieve a fundamental objective, i.e. high manufacturing speed with maximum precision, irrefutable quality and supreme flexibility. This is synonymous with a reduced “Time-to-market”, which provides a competitive edge.

Quality control in manufacturing is an essential that all companies strive for. Quick Load can achieve this by using modern electronic measurement systems integrated with our control units, which enable processes to be monitored and adjusted.

Reliability, flexibility and ease of use are the hallmarks of our installations.

Satisfying the Customer,
that is a constant.
It is not just an idea, it is our Company culture.